After studying film we grew a passion for film and cinema. our love for photography complements  and informs our love for film and over the years we at Living Witness have been involved in some fun and interesting projects.

Have a look at some examples down below.

Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2016 Review

A W Snooker Competitions

Velvet Alibi - Rumblin' (Live)

The Emerald Armanda - Be Free (Live)

The Henry Girls - The Weather (Music Video)

Andrew Martin - Down The River (Music Video)

I've worked with Echo Echo for many years, and is our pleasure to continue to work for them. Every year Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company put on a fantastic festival of contemporary dance and since its inception I've been covering it. An example of  an event highlight video that we at Living Witness pride ourselves on. 

A recent promo video we made for a snooker club in Mid-Ulster. This video has helped the club get more people involved in what they do and shows the graphics that we can incorporate into our videos to improve their quality and the way they communicate information.

While helping out in a tent at a festival in Glenarm I meet these guys in person for the first time. An incredibly talented band, easily one of the most recognisable names in the Northern Irish music scene. I decided to see if they wanted a video done, they agreed and we found an abandoned factory to film in. This was a pleasure to film and really worth a watch.

A fun Jazz fusion band, mixing so many different genres of music together for an amazing sound. The perfect music to dance to. If your hear these guys are in your area be sure to check them out and have a brilliant time. An example of the live performance videos we can create at concerts. 

Andrew is an old friend and once I heard he started a fully fledged music project I was very intrigued, and luckily he got in contact with me to do a series of videos that ended in a video for his single 'Down the River'. This video involved a lot of crew in different locations and was a massive learning experience for me in directing at just 19. Though one of my older projects I still look back at this video with fond memories.

The Henry Girls are a beautiful contemporary Irish folk band that I've had the privilege to work for. I've been commissioned on a number of videos and photo shoots for these girls and everytime I'm in awe of their talent. This is a music video we at Living Witness produced for them a few years ago.

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