Contact Us

If you want to get in contact with us there are many ways you can do so.


The best way you can do this is by sending an email using the form provided (if you're here for a wedding enquiry there is a form at the bottom of the 'weddings' page thats made just for you). 


You can also ring on:

(+44)7596500508 (Simon Alleyne - Artistic Director)

Finally, as you may have seen we're on Facebook and Twitter, along with other media so you can send us a private message.

Due to how busy we usually are please allow 48 hours for a reply before trying again.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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What We Do

Your creative ideas and special moments are unique and important to you.

Helping you visualise and capture them is our passion and our pleasure.

At Living Witness Productions we offer high quality photography and videography services for special occasions, events and commercial promotions.  To get some idea of our work you can explore our website.

For us each customer and their project is unique and we will tailor a photography and / or videography plan designed to deliver exactly what you want.  

Our approach is summed up by four simple words: Look, See, Capture, Remember.   

Our Creative Process

As we edit the material we have captured we will have in mind the ideas we shared and agreed together.  We remember what you wanted so we can make sure the final product will give you memories to revisit and enjoy. 


Wilson Lynn
Kelita Hutchinson
Sheyar Akyol
Calum Hutchinson
Andrew Proctor

When we meet you for the first time we will get you to tell us about your project.  As our discussion continues we will start to form a plan of how to deliver the results you want and we will explain to you how we work.  We get to look at you, you get to look at us.

It is important to make sure that we both see the same end point. At all stages we will listen to what makes the project important to you, and we will share our thoughts and ideas with you.

We are a group of photographers/cinematographers started in 2012, looking to express ourselves through our medium, tell interesting stories and work along side other talented creatives. We are based in Northern Ireland but have travelled all over the world creating art.

We focus on capturing weddings, the arts, events and music but we are happy to work in any field and love to challenge ourselves doing new things.

We hope that as you look through our website you get an understanding of our process, our love for what we do and the high standard of work we can offer. 

Who We Are

Calvin Craig
Simon Alleyne

Artistic Director

The founder and lead photographer, cinematographer and editor of Living Witness Productions. 


Calum is the newest member of the team, joining us this year. He has a great eye for capturing special moments, and will be working as a videographer with us.

Calvin has been with the us since 2015. he runs his own company: Calvin Craig Photography and is an amazing photographer and videographer.

Andrew is a good friend of myself and Wilson and all our companies collaborate together. A true professional and great camera operator.

Wilson is an amazing creative individual, a brilliant videographer and inspiring to work with.

Work Experience

Kelita has demonstrated an amazing work ethic and a willingness to try anything. add to that an eye for photography and you have someone that will go far in whatever career path she decides on.

A great people person, Sheyar always brings fun and enjoyment on any project he is part of. He still knows when its time to buckle down and get some work done.

Interested In Photograpy/Videography?

Part of our company ethos at Living Witness Productions is working alongside other creatives. If you're interested in a career in the industry and would like to work along side us for work experience, or if you are already pursuing a career in photography/videography and want to chat about collaborating, please contact us in the section below. We'd love to hear from you.

Lets make the standard of Northern Ireland media something we can all be proud of.

You can leave this bit to us and just enjoy your event or project.  It is our job to capture and deliver high quality visual material. We will guide and direct you where needed and keep you fully involved as we work together to create the best content in creating the best media.

Look, See, Capture, Remember