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Who am I?

Who Simon is:

  • Husband

  • Boardgame connoisseur

  • Sports fanatic

  • David Attenborough fanboy

  • Music lover

  • All-round nerd

Hey, I'm Simon, Artistic Director of Living Witness Weddings (the fancy term for "the one who gets the bill from HMRC) I'm born and bred in Coleraine where I, emmm...."studied" at C.A.I., played a lot of rugby and cricket (maybe a bit more than I studied), completed my A-levels before studying Media Production in Derry. As you may notice from the picture I managed to convince someone to make a commitment to put up with me for the rest of their life, in what truly was, to quote a rather infamous man "the worse trade deal in history". Now you maybe wondering "what sea is that you are standing in" well you're right in thinking it ain't Downhill, In November 2019 I was lucky enough to get married in my ancestral home of Barbados (oh yes, I feel the jealousy, why do you think we did it ;) ). I lived out my dream since meeting Kathryn and married my best friend and soul mate that day. My clients always ask me for advice on their wedding day and with myself and Kathryn eloping in the Caribbean I took my own advice...Make sure you have the wedding day you want! So, what are you waiting for? 

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Yep, you guessed it, she fell in the sea

This lucky fella is me Simon

My Business, My Hobby,

My Passion!

My love for photography began when I was very young my granny made me watch Attenborough nature documentaries instead of cartoons when I came home from school, watching how beautiful this world is leant my eye towards capturing and documenting it. The person that inspired me to move into videography as well was my moving image arts teacher Mrs McMullan (whos daughter i'm doing the wedding of). I grew to love film and after I left school. I started my business after finishing my A-Levels starting capturing dance performances and music videos it was a couple of years later that I started shooting weddings and this is when Living Witness Weddings was born.

I've Mentioned a few inspirations for my love of photography and film, however, I have not mentioned the most important part of my development as a photographer and a man, my father. From an early age, he told me I could be anything I wanted, supporting me in everything I put my hand to no matter how bad I was at them (looking at you dusty guitar). He knew that eventually, I would find my true passion and that happened when I got my first camera that he and my mother got for me my first camera (also throughout my whole life my mother has supported me in so many ways and I am just as thankful to her). Unfortunately, my father passed away in 2015. My company is dedicated to my faith and my father, the rocks on which I built everything I am today.


Living Witness:

look, see, capture, remember


I created Living Witness Weddings as a conduit for my creativity and found that what I loved about my work was creating special memories for my couples to enjoy with their loved ones, this is my whole ethos when capturing weddings for my clients. My goal is to know my couples personally, discover what their dream photos and video are and then create memories for them to cherish and share for the rest of their lives.


It's because of this my company tag line is LOOK, SEE, CAPTURE, REMEMBER.

To look together at what your dream wedding media look like, to see a path forward for your photos and video and capture them for you to remember for years to come.


I love what I do and I love giving my clients memories that will give them joy every time they look back at them.

Friends That Shoot With Me


Calvin has been with the us since 2015. He's stuck with me all this time (and I can be a demanding boss), an amazing photographer and videographer and even better man with a kind and warm heart


Calum has become a vital member of the team, Joining me for the first wedding he shot and sticking with me ever since. He has a great eye for capturing special moments, shooting both photography & videography, its been a pleasure to see him grow in this industry.


Invest In Memories


Kind Words


"We absolutely loved having Living Witness as our photographer and videographers for our wedding. They were so light-hearted and up for anything that we wanted. We were so relaxed because of their presence and it shows in our photos. They captured the whole day from start to finish beautifully! Highly recommend."

Claire & Dean

Simon and his team were extremely professional, on the morning of my wedding I hardly noticed them taking photos in the background. Throughout the day they made us feel completely relaxed and had really great ideas for photos. It was lovely to get some time away as a couple too! We were completely delighted when we received our photos and couldn’t have asked for more. The video is a particularly special thing to have, it’s a great way to relive the day, it captured everything we hoped it would. Would 100% recommend!!

Greame & Hannah


When we got engaged, booking our photographer and videographer was top of our priorities! We had seen pictures and videos of friends who had used Simon and his team and knew straight away we wanted to book Living Witness Weddings. I have to admit we were slightly nervous about our pre-wedding shoot as we had never experienced anything like that before. Simon instantly put us at ease and was very creative with photograph ideas at our chosen location of Kinbane Castle. Due to covid-19 restrictions our wedding was brought forward and had a very low-key day with close friends and family. I contacted Simon to check if he could come along and take capture our day. This was the best decision!!!!! Simon captured the most stunning pictures of the day. When we received our pictures it brought back all the emotions and memories of the day so vividly. Simon is very much behind the scenes, when we saw our pictures we couldn’t believe he had captured them as we don’t remember seeing him taking the shot. I would HIGHLY recommend Living Witness Weddings.

Tabby & Philip

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